About Us

Armoni Medikal has been one of the most successful companies in the healthcare sector in Turkey since 2000.. We have established strong distribution ties with well known companies in the healthcare business, and we market 12 internationally recognized brands

Armoni Medikal has decided to invest in the production of their own brand “Viaxi Series “ and present it to the international market .

Armoni continues its search for new global partners and distributors to make Viaxi a worldwide brand. As a result, a UK branch – Armoni UK Ltd – was established in April 2014 to provide easy and quick service to customers in Europe and USA.

Armoni Medikal is awarded the ISO 9001-2000 certification; it is also registered with the Center for Global Standards GSI and has full membership of TOBB, UBB and IEGM. All its cosmetic products are registered with CPNP portal in Europe.

Vision: Armoni Medikal aims to enlarge its sales capacity and to broaden its product portfolio in line with global developments.

Mission: Our mission is to offer our customers simple ways to reach our supportive healthcare products while continuously improving our service quality and innovative approach.

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